Project Goal

Develop and demonstrate an in-home water/wastewater system alternative that is comparable to a community wide water/wastewater system that will enable a minimum of 15 gallons per person per day of available water that
  • is of high quality suitable for all in-home non-potable uses,
  • minimizes water that must be hauled into and out of the home, and
  • is cost effective and sustainable in Rural Alaska.

 Your Input has the power to shape our design

Even though the demonstration system is located in Anchorage, AK through this website your input can be considered for incorporation into our physical design!

Two ways to provide input

General Comment Form & Comment on our Blog Posts

Freeze/Thaw Stress Test

This winter the weather cooperated for our freezing challenge and stayed well below freezing in December. Our freeze/thaw stress test
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Wash Day Surge Stress, the invite everyone over to your house, Stress Test!

From December 7th - December 13th we scheduled our wash day surge stress, representing an overload of laundry. Our interpretation was
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The Wash Vacation Stress, what happens when you leave your wash water for 7 days?

It started to look a lot like winter in Anchorage right before we were scheduled to run the wash vacation
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Overall Project Background

The Alaska Water Sewer Challenge was initiated by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in 2012. This demonstration is funded by Phase 3 of this Challenge.

Overarching project details can be found at the Alaska Water Sewer Challenge Project Website hosted by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.