A Sneak Peak with a Virtual Tour!

Remember way back when (7/13/16) we shared some pictures of the completed in-home water and wastewater system prototype?  In the two weeks since, we’ve completed the automated testing set-up (i.e., computer-controlled simulators of human use — imagine a toilet that automatically, periodically is dosed with synthetic human waste and flushed) and fired up the system.  These simulations of household use will continue for the next 9 months to ensure we devise a system that can handle normal variations in wear and tear, and that can do this sustainably under Alaska weather conditions.

This week we share a virtual tour of the test cabin and treatment Conex using the “bubbli” app.  By clicking on the links to the test cabin and the Conex that holds the treatment system, you can check out a 360 views of both. Or, you can check out the GIFs of the tour right here:

Test Cabin





NOTE:  In the cabin view, the black wires and gray boxes in the top half of the screen, as well as the various brown liquid-filled containers that look like food processors (these are the synthetic water dispensers), will not be part of the final system and would not be in your home.  They are part of the testing set-up.  As for the colored tubing on the bottom half of your screen:  These deliver the water to and from your home, and would indeed be in your home, but would be bundled and hidden behind a low-profile, attractive molding.

Check it out.  See what you think.  And if you have questions or comments, please send them our way — we’ll be posting an FAQ blog next week and we’d love to address your input!

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