Let’s catch up!

Since KTVA reported on our progress in September 2016 the system has been a whirlwind of action. So much so that our project team set the blog aside. We are looking forward to catching you up in the upcoming blog posts. We have decided to parse out into small posts about specific tasks and spread out over the next week or so. Here are a few sneak peaks about what to expect.

  • Treatment Process: process changes complete and even a dust change but we figured it out by October 21st, 2016. Shown our the concentrates without dust as we awaiting State approval to change.

  • Operating Stress Scenarios: We completed our four required stress scenarios and created high quality reuse water! We will highlight each one individually.

  • Freeze/Thaw Stress: We drained our system and froze it over the UAA holiday break. We thawed it last week with only one issue, one valve broke (photo below)… otherwise all else works!

  • Updating Treatment System Prototype: We decided to construct a 2nd version of the reuse treatment system prototype to address our existing system engineering flaws and address many of the concerns from our end user feedback. Our 2nd treatment system prototype in progress shown below.

  • UAA Stress Scenarios of 2017: We will be sharing what we are going to throw at the system this year with hopes to learn more about its ability to handle varied water quality and short term power outages.

We hope to keep your interest and are looking forward to an exciting year!

If your interested in more details check out our system handout or our progress reports!

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