The Wash Vacation Stress, what happens when you leave your wash water for 7 days?

It started to look a lot like winter in Anchorage right before we were scheduled to run the wash vacation stress scenario,  November 22nd till November 30th.

We started the stress test with a 40% + 35% wash water/grey water loading schedule; then we shut the system off for the next 7 days. This simulated the entire household going away on vacation. On Day 8 we turned the wash water back on to the cabin simulating the family returning home ready to take showers and clean up. What would happen to our grey water tanks and wash water quality after being turned off for an entire week?

Turns out not much.

Here’s what happened:

We all left campus for UAA’s Thanksgiving break. When we returned, we turned on the system and the stored wash water was used in the cabin at a 60% loading schedule.

We treated water again starting December 1st, after the stress test was over. Recycling the grey water tank over to the Intermediate tank was pungent, words like “old soap” and “old sponge” are recorded in our daily log book. The wash water, however still had no noticeable odor.

December 1, 2016
From left to right:
Grey water, Intermediate water, wash water

Certified samples were taken November 21 and again November 30 for our wash water. To see our results please follow the links:

There was no total coliform bacteria present in our wash water before or after the 7 day shut off period.



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