Water and National Public Health Week (NPHW)

Did you know that this past week has been National Public Health Week (NPHW)?  In fact, since 1995, the American Public Health Association (APHA) has been encouraging communities across the United States in April each year to celebrate advancements in protecting our nation’s health, highlight local issues of importance, and engage one another in fun and educational activities focused on improving public health.  Here in Alaska, groups from across the state planned events and educational opportunities (you can find some of them posted through the University of Alaska Anchorage Master of Public Health Program Facebook page).

Improving water quality and access is often touted as one of America’s biggest achievements — and for most folks it is.  It’s such an achievement that people who have lived with easy access to safe water often take it for granted.  Of course, for those who call rural Alaska home (especially those who live in communities without in-home piped water), they know the value of safe, abundant water — and they know that work still remains to ensure easy access for all.

With this in mind, the Reuse Water AK project is dedicated to celebrating NPHW every single week in our quest to create a home-level water and wastewater system that meets the needs of rural Alaskans.  In our efforts to celebrate advancements in system design, highlight issues of local importance, and engage the community, we will be updating this blog weekly with information regarding system design and testing (check out our blog on preliminary water treatment testing), with requests for input from potential future users and/or those who appreciate rural water issues in Alaska, and links to useful information for folks who want to learn more about water, treatment, regulations, engineering, and health.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the following links on water topics provided by the American Public Health Association in time for National Public Health Week:

Happy NPHW!

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